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Quiz for Osomatsu-san


Six children of legend is back! Moreover, ... into adulthood!Fujio Akatsuka was to commemorate the 80th anniversary, and quiz app on the latest anime "Osomatsu san" of his masterpiece "osomatsu-kun"Finally appeared "quiz for Osomatsu san"!In the "quiz for Osomatsu-san", cartoon, we offer a quiz from the anime!To help you enjoy from the beginner to those of mania, quiz, we have questions the difficulty well-balanced.You will be able to enjoy the world of "Osomatsu san" to the full extent.
"Quiz for Osomatsu-san" is compatible with Game Center, you can compete for users and points across the country.
In addition, the problem is a total of 10 questions that will appear on the exam at a time.Correct answer 10 questions in eight questions more you can get a bonus pt in.
Quiz for Osomatsu's point is as follows.• In the beginner ... one question correct 1pt (bonus 10pt)• In Intermediate ... one question correct 2pt (bonus 20pt)• The senior ... one question correct 3pt (bonus 30pt)- By all problem ... each difficulty degree (bonus 20pt)
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